Sprinkler Repair


When it comes to repairs we provide sprinkler system owners with the products and knowledge that fulfills their wants and needs at the right price. Our friendly, ready to act, and professional team, goes all out to serve and problem-solve for you.

Common Problems Repaired

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  • Leaks
  • Poor Coverage
  • Rain Sensors & Controllers
  • Electrical
  • Runoff
  • Valve Locating & Repairs
  • Sprinklers & Nozzles
  • Backflow Devices

We proudly guarantee all work!

Seasonal Services

  • Spring Start-Ups – 39 Point Inspection

During the spring, we properly open the water source. This includes reenergizing lines and performing necessary adjustments to sprinkler and controller settings. We offer a complete system review ensuring that all components are functioning properly. Our 39pt inspection checklist will leave no stone unturned and a thorough evaluation will be performed.

  • Summer Inspections

As the seasons change, adjusting the watering time and frequencies is needed. A summer inspection will allow us to make these changes and adjustments to sprinklers for plant growth and landscape changes. This will ensure proper operation of your sprinkler system to keep your landscape healthy.

  • Winterization – To prevent freeze damage

Freezing temperatures can cause extensive damage to your backflow device if not properly protected. This service includes properly closing, draining, and insulating the backflow device. This will protect your investment.

  • Backflow Testing

Some cities and water districts require annual testing and certification of the backflow device.  This device prevents hazardous water in the sprinkler system from moving to the domestic, potable water supply.  The State of Texas requires this device on all systems.  Our team can provide this service for you.

Renovations needed for pool & patio construction, as well as landscape changes.

We specialize in upgrading existing sprinkler systems with up-to-date parts that conserve water and are user friendly.

Approximate Service Area

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