Sprinkler Installations


Our company dares to challenge the wasteful practices so often seen today.  We believe water is one of Earth’s most precious natural resources.  That is why we stay true to ourselves by designing and installing sprinkler systems that conserve water, run efficiently, and are user friendly.



  • Your call will be handled promptly and professionally.
  • An appointment will be scheduled with a Waterwise Irrigation design consultant.
  • Our consultant will meet with you to discuss the design of your new sprinkler system.
  • After the proposal is approved, Waterwise Irrigation takes care of the rest.


Every one of our wise sprinkler systems features:

  • Even distribution of water in turf areas.
  • The most innovative and cutting edge products from Rain Bird and Hunter Industries.
  • Advanced rain sensors that give up to the minute data.
  • Top of the line user friendly controllers.
  • Compliance with all local and state codes, including permits.

The benefits of making a wise choice:EveryDropCount

  • Our sprinkler systems are carefully designed to conserve water.
  • We place an emphasis on the restoration of your lawn and beds.
  • You’re not getting just a new sprinkler system; you also get the Waterwise Irrigation support team.

We identify all of your watering requirements and have a variety of ways to construct a sprinkler system that will optimize your landscape while conserving water.

Spray Drip Irrigation
Spray Drip
Rotary Micro Spray
Rotary Micro

Water Wells?  No problem!  We are experts in the design and installation of sprinkler systems attached to water wells.

Let one of our design specialists meet with you to discuss the best watering solution for your landscape.  Call us at: 832-467-4193 or contact us online.

We proudly guarantee our sprinkler systems for 3 years.

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