Water Conservation




At Waterwise Irrigation, we believe water conservation.  Everything we do is geared towards a healthy landscape while conserving water.  We take sprinkler design to a new level – focusing on individual plant needs instead of watering large areas as though all plants require the same amount.

Our team members consider all aspects that affect plant water usage: plant type, soil texture and structure, internal and surface drainage characteristics, and mulch.  We then design and install a system that saves water… and you… money.

So take control and don’t waste water – invest in a Waterwise Irrigation system.  Call today for a free quote and learn how you can save water!  832 – 467 – 4193.

Here are some tips to conserve water if you already have a sprinkler system –

Top 10 Ways to Conserve Water and Save Money

By: Waterwise Irrigation, Inc.

  1. Stop watering so much. Sounds basic, but most people apply much more water than is needed to keep plants and lawn healthy. Some plants will drink as much water as you give them. This leads to the false assumption that they “need” that much water.
  1. Monitor the controller program. This is amazing but many controllers (approximately 1/3) are set at the same schedule in December that was established in June.
  1. Install a rain sensor. They are inexpensive and they work. Several types are available.
  1. Maintain your system. One study reported that simply raising and straightening sprinklers will result in 20% less water usage.
  1. Use the seasonal adjust feature. This is a quick and easy way to increase or decrease all run times in 5 or 10% increments.
  1. Use multiple programs. Most controllers will have 3 or 4 programs available. Separate lawn and beds or other areas that have different water requirements. Lawns require watering less often than beds.
  1. Use multiple start times. Using the multiple start times feature is an excellent way to minimize runoff. Instead of watering one 30 minute cycle, use three 10 minute segments, allowing time in between for the water to soak in.
  1. Turn the controller off. From November through February, the controller should be in the OFF position and should be used on an “as needed” basis. This will work fine for the vast majority of landscapes.
  1. Get a second water meter. Many cities, including Houston, allow you to purchase a second or “sprinkler” meter for outdoor water use. The sewer fee portion of the bill is waived. Most payback periods will be less than three years, many less than two.
  1. Get a professional evaluation. Have a Waterwise Irrigation trained professional do a thorough check of your system. This is not expensive and could save you plenty.

Water Conservation - A Personal Opinion

I’m a native Houstonian. Growing up in this area, I’ve seen little to no regard for water conservation. During the 2011 drought, as in other droughts, there was serious discussion about water emergency plans and water restriction guidelines. As I write this in 2013, talk has once again been placed on the back burner.

Our neighbors to the west in Austin and San Antonio know all about water conservation. They practice it and it’s the law. Unlike southeast Texas, they actually have a true water shortage. Annual rainfall averages in those cities average 33 and 29 inches respectively, while Houston receives 50 inches annually. Our shortages deal more with the inability to deliver water from one area to another or supply enough pressure during peak demand.

Eventually, we all will be affected by water conservation measures. The reason lies in population growth and the demand for water that will come with that growth. The Houston metro area’s population is expected to increase 64% by 2025. That’s an additional 3,000,000 people!

The infrastructure or ability to supply water to these new residents and businesses will be the issue. More restrictions will likely be put on non-essential water use such as landscape irrigation. We should start now to preclude severe water restrictions in the future. We can do this in several ways: proper selection of plant material, high efficient sprinkler designs, use of water saving sprinkler components, proper programming or smart controllers, and education.

Whether your decision to conserve will be voluntary or forced, rest assured, at Waterwise Irrigation, we believe in saving water. This is our passion, our cause. We are the Water Conservation Experts.

Ed Vitulli

President, Waterwise Irrigation