Our written five year guarantee has helped make us Houston's leading drainage expert.


Residential Services: Drainage

We Put Water in Its Place

Our philosophy on correcting drainage problems is simple:

  • Understand the problem thoroughly.
  • Have a clear understanding about the client’s design objectives.
  • Know that the system will meet or exceed these objectives.

At Waterwise Irrigation we don’t rely on trial and error methods.  We know beforehand how effective our systems will be and you won’t have any surprises. When needed, we perform calculations that determine the system’s capacity.  Our written five year guarantee means we’re serious about correcting your drainage problems.

Problems we routinely correct –

  • Water intrusion issues: home, garage or other structures.
  • Ponding water:  on patio, in backyard, along fence.
  • Soggy soil: in backyards, along sides of house.
  • Grading issues: Improper slab exposure, yard sloping towards house.

Stop! Did you know…

  • Flexible corrugated pipe is not approved for drainage systems in the cities of: Houston, Bellaire, Sugar Land, Katy, Memorial Villages, West University and many others?
  • Drainage systems in these areas require a permit prior to construction?
  • Using a sight or laser level is the only way to accurately determine available slope and ensure proper pipe installation?

Waterwise Irrigation - Residential Drainage Services Results Guaranteed!

In some cases there just isn’t enough slope for a gravity flow system. Not a problem for Waterwise Irrigation.

  • We design and install systems using sump pumps.
  • Pump sizes ½ to 1 hp.
  • Custom built and pre-fabricated sump boxes up to 24×24 inches.

If your system is draining slowly, we can

  • Clean out your old system, locate blockages and make repairs.
  • Evaluate your system for possible improvements.

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Our written five year guarantee has helped make us Houston's leading drainage expert.

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